We provide Six Sigma, Lean, ISO-9000, statistical analysis and quality improvement training and consulting to the healthcare industry.

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For example:

  • Help reduce patient cycle times through many different departments (Value Stream Mapping)
  • Measurement study to determine if lab results are consistent with other internal or external labs (Gage R&R)
  • Statistical analysis to determine if there is a statistically significant improvement between treatment and control group (p-value, correlation analysis, Regression, ANOVA, etc)
  • Help identify key process parameters that drive the variation in process cycle time and data results
  • Facilitate and train a team through an FMEA study
  • Train a team to perform a quality improvement project
  • And any other project to help make your processes perform faster with higher quality!

In addition, training classes are available in the following topics…

Basic Statistics, Lean Thinking, Statistical Process Control, Lean Six Sigma, Cost of Poor Quality, Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and Root Cause Analysis

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Support

Anyone involved in the following healthcare patient management areas should be following industry best practices in using Statistical Process Control (SPC) to prevent excessive or incorrect dosage adjustments, or to properly monitor their patients management of the following conditions…

  • Anticoagulation (INR readings)
  • Organ transplant recipients (CNI readings)
  • Diabetes (fasting blood sugar levels)
  • Occupational Asthma (peak flow rates)
  • Lung transplant w/emphysema (FVC/FEV1)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (ventilation time)
  • Hypertension (blood pressure)
  • Coronary Risk (cholesterol LCL-C levels)
  • Any other process or metric needing control charting functionality for JCAHO/ISO/IWA compliance…

HSS can provide consulting and integration services for modifying your current system or database to make it compliant to these best practices in Statistical Process Control, using the most cost-effective software based on the size and complexity needs of your clinic or hospital. Download the Grant presentation to receive more details about our Anticoagulation study findings >>>

Here is an interview with Carla Huber, who was involved in this grant program from 2023.

lean_or (37K)Here are some examples how Lean Sigma can be utilized in your clinic or facility…

  • Operating Room Turnover Efficiency
  • Reduction in Billing Errors and Payment Time
  • Staff Shift Change Efficiency
  • Reduction in Inventory for Medical Supplies
  • Reduction in cancelled appointments
  • Improved Laboratory Test Turn-around Times
  • Decrease in total walking distance by ER nurses
  • Reduction in patient wait times
  • Emergency Room Capacity Improvement
  • Decrease in total cycle time for Surgeons performing heart surgery
  • Prevention of Medication Dosing Errors
  • Improved efficiency in Call Center Operations
  • Maximize Workstation Productivity and communication
  • Improve hospital bed/room utilization
  • Reduce variation in measurement equipment in labs
  • Increased Space and equipment availability
  • Decrease in Patient handoffs